TAG 鳩尾水月

エロ漫画 この素晴らしく柔らかいお腹に腹パンチを!vol.001

Belly punches to various girl characters in various fantasy situations!The first collection of illustrations!





I drew various belly punch fantasy situations such as kidnapping a high school girl, robbing a bride, preventing a female athlete from competing, incapacitating a female spy, etc.

Total 18 sheets
Color illustrations + line drawings + color illustrations with dialogue sound effects. 3 sheets per set x 6 patterns.

※The subject matter includes soft lyona expressions such as punching and belly-punching.
※There are no descriptions of sexual acts, but there is some female nudity.

2024/02/06 Postscript
The second volume is now available! We have lowered the price of the first volume.